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What is NAET?

When the world you live in seems dangerous

and everything makes you sick…

It’s good to know there’s NAET.

Don’t live with your allergies


How Does Allergy Elimination Work?

Allergy elimination works by stimulating the Spinal Nerves while holding an allergen. The spinal nerves connect the brain to all the internal organs of the body. When the spinal nerves are stimulated, it changes your body’s relationship with the allergen from a problematic one to a harmonious one. Once the relationship is changed, the allergy no longer bothers you.

Think of two magnets, lined up so that they attract each other. Now imagine that one of the magnets is flipped around so that they repel each other. This represents the disharmony that exists in your relationship with your allergies. Allergy elimination is like flipping that magnet back around so that the magnets attract each other again.

NAET stands for Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique. Invented by Dr. Devi Nambudripad in 1983, NAET has helped thousands of people with their health problems.

Allergy Elimination can help you with your:



Blood Sugar Problems

Chemical Sensitivities

Concentration Problems

Dust Allergy


Food Sensitivities

Hay Fever

Hormonal Imbalances

Hot Flashes