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NAET And A Five-Year-Old Boy With Autism

Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques, also known as NAET, has produced some amazing responses when used to treat children with Autism spectrum disorders.

Autism is a disability that interferes with the behaviors, social skills, and language skills. There are biological features that are noticed in children on the Autism spectrum, which includes many levels and types of Autism including Asperger’s Syndrome.
Children with Autism spectrum disorders may have lower levels of neurotransmitters acetylcholine, dopamine, and nor-epinephrine. However, diagnosis of Autism is not doing through the use of biology, but rather psychology, where a child’s behaviors are observed.
Since Autism may look very different from child to child, finding one treatment or cure is almost impossible. Parents of children with Autism have begun to look toward alternative medicine as a solution. One alternative medicine that has been showing some promise is NAET.
The boy who wouldn’t look or listen
One case study published in 2005 showed astonishing improvements were found after one year of NAET treatment sessions.
The 5 year old boy in the study had been diagnosed with Autism and had some of the typical signs, such as inability to look into someone’s eyes and inability to respond to commands—especially “No” and “Stop.” The child also was very aggressive, often biting and hitting people during treatment sessions.
The boy also showed flat affect, or no facial expressions. As is also typical with Autism, this child displayed no need for social participation with others, nor did he possess the ability to do imitation play that is typical for a 5 year old. He went to a special needs Kindergarten. His family felt like the boy was in a shell and that they could not connect with him on any level.
The child was evaluated using the ATEC, or Autism Treatment Evaluation Checklist, before and after the use of NAET treatment for comparison. The child received 90 treatments over one year’s time, an average of twice a week.
During the initial allergen test, the child was found to be seriously allergic to 15 different substances. His strongest allergic reactions were to vitamin B complex, vitamin C, minerals, sugars and yeast mixes. He received NAET treatment for these within the first month, with noticeable improvements.
After completion of NAET treatment of just the most drastic allergens, the child showed significantly less aggression, and his parents saw an increase in his ability to understand and act on commands.
One year later, a miraculous change
After NAET treatments for one year, the child seemed like a completely different little boy. His parents explained that it was as if the shell had been lifted off of their child and that he was able to be aware of the present for the first time in his life.
Treatment sessions with the child could be initiated by the child, because he no longer hated being at therapy. His sessions no longer needed extra practitioners to help control him, and he was no longer biting and hitting people. Temper tantrums and stereotypical movements were no longer observed.
He was able to make eye contact with not only his parents, but also with strangers. He started playing with his siblings. He was able to enter mainstream schooling. He now has facial expressions that are consistent with his emotions, and he uses words for the first time. He also has learned how to dress himself.
He participated in his own birthday party, Christmas shopping, and Christmas present opening that year. He also participated in a school production that had an audience of 300 people without showing any aggression or anxiety.
While allergens might not be the cause of Autism in all children, in the case of this 5 year old child with Autism, NAET was truly life changing.


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