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Auricular Therapy

Auricular Acupuncture is a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The ear, like the palm and the bottom of the foot, contains a holographic “map” of the entire body including the internal organ system. It is used as a type of reflexology treatment with the ear being a micro-system. The treatment consists of stimulating designated points on the ear by the insertion of tiny needles or using the Laser or Needleless Acupuncture at specific points related to internal body functions. In addition, Chinese herbal ear seed plasters may be applied to these pressure points so that the points can be self-massaged for up to 5 days after the session!

Energy or Qi (pronounced CHEE) moves throughout the body and can become blocked, too weak, or stagnant. Auricular acupuncture balances this energy. Physically, auricular acupuncture relaxes and reduces stress, it can decrease pain, increase energy, boost immunity, and normalize sleep. Mentally and emotionally, it helps one feel clear, alert, calm, and focused. Auricular acupuncture may be utilized in stress management, relaxation, for chemical dependency treatment, and much more!